01.What We Do

Doors & Windows

Our aluminium doors and windows are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of our clients, prioritizing quality, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. Our commitment to high-quality standards has made us an industry leader. From modular homes to commercial structures, our doors and windows embody durability, precision, and sophistication

Aluminum Cladding

We’re a recognized leader in the aluminum cladding industry, known for our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our expertise includes aluminum wall cladding and curtain wall installation. Precision, professionalism, and rigorous quality control are the cornerstones of our work, ensuring every project reflects our dedication to quality and reliability

Glass Works

We specialize in frameless glass doors and panels, highly sought after by architects and interior decorators for their customization. Our stained and leaded glass solutions, rooted in quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, stand as industry benchmarks. Whether it’s custom stained, bevelled, or leaded glass, our personal touch ensures perfection in every project.





02.Why Choose Us

We are architects of exceptional design and precision. With unwavering commitment, we craft innovative solutions that elevate architectural visions to reality. Our work is a testament to our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. With every project, we push the boundaries of design, masterful fabrication, and excellence, ensuring our clients experience architectural brilliance in every detail. Our journey is marked by innovation, precision fabrication, and the pursuit of excellence in aluminum and glass work.

Expert Team

Our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to excellence, ensuring your project is in the hands of experts who understand your vision and requirements.

Innovative Design

We achieve precision quality through innovative design techniques, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with aluminum and glass to deliver exceptional results.

Seamless Collaboration

Our departments work in seamless synergy, fostering effective communication and cooperation throughout your project, ultimately leading to its successful completion.

Quality Assurance

Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance means you can trust that every detail will be scrutinized, ensuring the end result exceeds your expectations.

Cost Efficiency

We provide cost-effective solutions and offer valuable advice to help you make informed decisions, all while staying within your budget.

Timely Delivery

Punctuality is our promise. We are dedicated to completing your project on time, ensuring it aligns with your schedule and meets your expectations.

03.Our Process

  • Plan
  • Initiate
  • Execute
  • Monitor
  • The planning phase is where we meticulously design and strategize each project, ensuring it aligns with your vision and specifications.
  • Our team, equipped with state-of-the-art ACP Cutting & Routing Machine, single head cutting machines, and other tools, plans the precise execution of every detail.
  • We optimize resources and layout using our machinery, such as sheet composite panel rolling and cutting/shearing machines.
  • Our commitment to quality begins at the planning stage, ensuring that we create the blueprint for your project’s success.
  • Once the plan is in place, we initiate the project by assembling the necessary materials and resources.
  • Our machinery, including automatic corner crimping machines and TIG welding machines, come into play to bring the project to life.
  • We leverage our expertise, combined with cutting-edge tools like glass cutting tables and gas welding cutting sets, to ensure every component is prepared for assembly.
  • The initiation phase is where your vision starts to take shape, guided by precision and skill.
  • The execution phase is where the project truly comes alive. Our team utilizes the machinery, like pipe/rod cutting and bending machines, to create the structural elements.
  • Our ACP Cutting & Routing Machine and hand tools guarantee meticulous work on every component, whether it’s glasswork, aluminum fabrication, or composite panels.
  • Quality control is maintained at every step, using pneumatic tools to ensure that every detail meets our high standards.
  • The execution phase is a testament to our craftsmanship, where machinery and skill work hand in hand to bring your project to fruition.
  • Throughout the project, we monitor every aspect closely. Air compressors and overhead air pipelines help us maintain consistency and efficiency.
  • Our 2 Nos Single Head Cutting Machines and Cutting Machines for site purposes allow us to adapt to evolving project requirements.
  • We use our machinery, such as the semi-automatic freezing machine and sheet composite panel cutting/shearing equipment, to ensure every piece fits seamlessly.
  • Continuous monitoring is the key to our success, allowing us to make real-time adjustments, maintain quality, and ensure that your project is delivered as envisioned.

04.Our Projects

05.Our clients

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